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Durasteel Weatherboards
Superior Quality

  Bluescope Steel Colorbond® has been comprehensively tested under Australian conditions for its quality, strength and durability.
Technical Data  

Base material cold reduced steel-zincalume coated Bluescope Steel Colorbond®
weather resistant under normal conditions - excellent
stain and corrosion resistance - excellent.

Thermal expansion approximately 1 mm over 8.000 metres over 60 degrees Celsius.
Combustibility to A.S. 30 of 1970 ignitability 0.
Heat evolved 0.
Smoke evolved 2 or less.
Life expectancy of beyond 50 years.


  Durasteel is manufactured from 24 gauge .6mm T.C.T. steel, which is almost twice the thickness of conventional corrugated iron roofing.
Life Long Performance  

Bluescope Steel Colorbond® has a life expectancy of beyond 50 years.
Over a long period of research Bluescope Steel Colorbond® performance and weatherability, flexibility, adhesion, toughness, and appearance, has been raised to highest standards in severe testing of modern production techniques. In Australia alone, production of Bluescope Steel Colorbond® exceeds well in excess of 2.5 million tonnes per year. In extensive accelerated tests over 20 years, Bluescope Steel Colorbond® lasts up to four times longer than the traditional galvanised steel of the same thickness in identical exposure environments. Bluescope Steel Colorbond® is manufactured by BHP, the largest company in Australia.

The Manufacturer
Bluescope Steel Colorbond®


The Coated Products Division of the B.H.P. Steel International Group, is foundered on more than 70 years production in Australia and soon became the world's biggest producer per head of population of its products. B.H.P. began operations at Bristol England, in 1857. The Australian technology involved, has been
exported to the major steel makers of the U.S.A, Japan, and Europe, and are sold throughout South Asia, the Pacific, and the West Coast of USA. Australia's Bluescope Steel Colorbond® cladding products quickly won acceptance by Australian builders and architects.
More than 80% of all steel building cladding now used in Australia is manufactured from Bluescope Steel Colorbond®.







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